Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Restraint Death Ruled a Homicide: Teacher Now Teaching in Loudoun County, Virginia

Restraint Death Ruled a Homicide: Teacher Now Teaching in Loudoun County, Virginia

The House Committee on Education and Labor held a full hearing this morning on Examining the Abusive and Deadly Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools.


One of the witnesses, Toni Price, testified about the death of Cedric Napoleon, who was a foster child in her care at the time he was killed by improper use of restraint.

According to Price’s testimony, and verified by Gregory D. Kutz, Managing Director, Forensic Audits and Special Investigations U.S. Government Accountability Office Washington, D.C., the death, which occurred in Texas in 2002, was ruled a homicide.

The grand jury did not indict the teacher.

The student is said to have been restrained because “he would not stay seated.”

The teacher now teaches in a public high school in Loudoun County, VA. The teacher is licensed to instruct children with disabilities.

According to Gregory Kutz, The Loudoun County schools were informed about this last Friday, May 15.

It is not known whether VDOE was made aware of the teacher’s homicidal act in Texas at the time of hiring.

Toni Price’s testimony can be found here:

http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/testimony/20090519CedricPriceTestimony.pdf Greg

Kutz’s testimony can be found here:

http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/testimony/20090519GregKutzTestimony.pdf An

An article published at the time of Cedric’s death appears here:


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